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Saturday, 13 May 2017

When a Swiss meets an Australian...

Consider this as an Addendum to the Post starting with "Dear readers,..."

The Pregnancy of this Blog took place while i faced a fierce opposition some years ago on an Australian Coffee Website.

One of my "methods" was to find statements that nobody can contradict...
... of course, by meeting the family members, or gathering documents... But also by stating facts.
By this, i mean: calling a cat, a cat.

Yes, "Atomic" is a trademark.
Yes, Giordano Robbiati patented (a little difference to "invented") a coffee maker for personal use.

The list could go on and on. and on.
These "Facts" fill most of the 1900+ posts of the last years.

Let's come back to the mysterious title!

Imagine a Swiss meeting an Australian, this is what the Swiss would say:

"Fritz Lüdi-Zumstein invented the Culinor"

I dare any Australian to say the contrary!

Thank you Lucio for always putting a smile on my face!

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