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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Nice piece of background decoration... Part 2

Because some things belong to the present ... or the near future (Christmas),
And some belong to the past... or on a kitchen shelf.

Nice piece of background decoration

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Earliest proof of marketing of "Atomic" trademarked espresso machine in Australia - 1958!!!

I have been fighting with myself and my preconceived ideas since the start of my research, everyday.

And albeit all the facts i have found over the years, there is always a little mistrusting voice about "stories" from Australia and a particular reseller.

For me, facts have a high Status. It freed from useless discussions.

I was re-reading what was documented in ATMO (Australian Trademark Office) 12, 64 and 98.

You'll notice some words or dates come more often than others:

I visited the website of Bon Trading Co. and read this:

"proud of our role in introducing the ATOMIC®"???

The following articles date for the first one: June 3, 1958
the second: September 2, 1958

(you will have recognised the 
A.&M.G. SASSOON  - British made -  
"ATOMIC" Espresso coffee maker Standard Model with Jug lid)


That's 6 years before the first found advert from Bon Trading:

(you will have recognised the 
A.&M.G. SASSOON  - British made -  "ATOMIC" Espresso coffee maker Capuccino Model)

It was a pleasant surprise to discover that ATMO also means:


Recently, I was reminded by a famous website thread moderator that everyone has the right to have an opinion.

Apart from me, i keep to my facts.

"an inventor of considerable genius" - Death of Clarence U. Buck - 13th of June 1910

Here a link to his Percolator, patent published on the 24th of May 1910: