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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Desider Stern - "Epege" - Tetschen (Děčín) + Leitmeritz (Litoměřice) - 1933-8

The 15th of April 2016, the Czech Republic changed its name to CZECHIA.

This place is where i want to take you now.

We are in 1933.

Desider Stern (aged 26) opens 2 stores in the CSR.
 (Czech Sozialist Republic - the part of former Czechoslovakia which is now Czechia).

One store in Tetschen (Děčín):

He had around 30 employees and was at that time the highest tax payer in Tetschen (Děčín).

(First Row Second from Right)

The Second Store was on the main Market square of Leitmeritz (Litoměřice),
and opened on the 29th of September 1933.

I bought this postcard just a week ago, it is dated 1936:

See that store on the left side?

Interesting that in 1936, the name EPEGE
was to be found on the Store.

In 1938, it was the name STERN.
(as you will see following the link at the end of this post) 

In 1938, the Tax inspectors came directly from the Finance Ministry in Prag.
What happened next is to be read here.


Pootoogoo said...

Another great piece of history... nicely done Mik.
The other article describing what happened next is also worth reading.

Mikael JANVIER said...

Your presence here honours me. Thanks!