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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

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(from the Bersten Collection Catalogue)

Italian "ATOMIC" trademarks...

... but none for coffee makers.

All what is left...

You'd expect a leaflet to have gone lost after 50 years...

... if not lost, at least: bleached, torn, folded and stained.

But clearly something unusual happened to this one.

Only the little notice - which is to be found on page 4 - survived.
(for the A.&M.G. Sassoon leaflets see here)

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

XXXIV Fiera di Milano (1956) - Coffee machines of Brevetti Robbiati

The coffee machines of Brevetti Robbiati were displayed in the "Sala Alluminio"- the aluminium room - of the 34th International Fair of Milan, Italy.

In 1956, the formulation "coffee machines of Brevetti Robbiati" covers several models.

It is a shame no coffee machine is to be seen on the picture of the following article:

 Until the day i find out how to get pictures of this exhibition, i had a look in the official catalogue of the 34th Milan fair.

It is clear, there had to be more information for me in these 1164 pages:

and indeed!!!

And the business Brevetti Robbiati?

Bevalite (Birmingham, Uk) Ltd. - Reseller of Stella 402E & 405E

The business Bevalite appears first time in the London Directory and International Register of Manufacturers, Wholesalers & Shippers in 1958 as Wholesaler of electrical goods.

It also appears to have had a short fate. In 1962, the liquidation took place.

Beneath, you will find a witness of its past glory:

Thursday, 8 October 2015

The lure of ... Expertise?

A browse in groups.google will provide you hours of entertainment.

It is humbling too.
To realise that some people knew 17 years ago what i had to painfully research over the course of the past 5 years or so.

It puts everything in a new perspective.

In 1998, Bob Norton knew that Brevetti Robbiati closed in 1983:

In 1997, Peter Foster was already describing the "C-like shape":

(i think P.F. meant 1946)

In 2006, Colin states that the machines are now made in Australia, and Frederick - just to clear things up -that "there is no such thing as a Brevetti Robbiati factory":

errrrrrr... wait!