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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Still reading my Blog???

I had to think about Carl Jung's concept of SYNCHRONICITY, as i read that comment!!!

On the day (yesterday, 8.38 am) i received this constructive, well-elaborated, subtle and elegant comment from coward, pathetic and foul-mouthed "Anonymous" from Adelaide, Australia...

... Not even 12 hours later, This meeting was taking place in Vienna, Austria!!!

Living the dream (no pun intended)!


Anonymous said...

you collect those people like they are your trophy's. Frankly it's weird.

Mikael JANVIER said...

I appreciate the opportunity to understand your opinion. I am so sorry for you and I sincerely hope things get better for you. I know how it feels to be left on the side of the road looking at people having a great life, however, back then I was 15. Maybe your family or friends can support you finding a purpose in life... One day, for sure, we will have a glass of wine together. Yours truthfully, Mik

Mikael JANVIER said...