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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

For my supporting Australian Friend!

Peraluman 3 - Good within the range of Possibility

As i blogged on the 4th of December 2014 (here) that Aluminium is not equal to Aluminium,
meaning that Alloys come in a wide range.

One person reacted.

For this One person, i will take a bit of my time to write this Post.

Look what i found Lucio!!!

In 1955, the "ice crusher for domestic use" of Giordano Robbiati
 was made out of Peraluman 3.

(more infos about Peraluman here)
Beautiful: here

Of course, we can't conclude that the coffee makers were also made of the same alloy,
but it comes strongly within the range of possibility.

Interest in Alloys?:
Qualital Kft in Hungary were making its coffee makers out of Silumin (here).

PS: After the Citrus Fruit Press (here), the Car Bell (here), it is nice for me to see another item that the Ditta Robbiati - "Officina mecanica e fonderia in legghe legere" - were casting.

Just for info:
The Bacchi i use at home is principally made out of Peraluman 30.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Somac / Isomac / Italsomac - "Atomic" coffee machine - Your turn!!!

One thing is certain, it is not the Model Splendida.
(more here)

Which Model is it then???

Experts of "Atomic" coffee makers,
It is YOUR time to shine!!!