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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

BLUE BALL LEAFLET!!!! Model Capuccino - A. & M.G. SASSOON - London, UK

Personalised leaflets do range quite high
 in my Excitement scale!
(see penultimate page!)


Friday, 4 December 2015


Ever growing badge collection!!!

Coffee machine is in superb condition!

When is that frenzy ever gonna stop???

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Berarducci Brothers, McKeesport, Pennsylvania (1958-1990?)

The instructions will surely remind you of the one of Fante's (here).
(My list of retailers/resellers in the U.S.A. here)

Not much to find on Berarducci Brothers...
... a few crops from other Artefacts:

... a few crops from old Newspapers:


If you have more information, feel free to contact me.

Europa Commerce Incorporation, New York City, NY

List of resellers/retailers in the U.S. here

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Saturday, 21 November 2015


My new Flickr group!!!
(click on the picture)

Maquina express familiar - EL PETISO - Rosario - Industria Argentina

I don't know if you remember me tracking the A.R.V. from Rosario (Argentina) (Post: here Badge: here Picture: here).

I still don't have the slightest clue about the production of these coffee makers. Feel free to help.

Anyway, I have just seen the same machine, but with another badge.

The background is as interesting as the machine itself (not like mine ;.)

And here the fanstastic new badge!!!

ASTOR S.R.L. Bresso (Milano) - The return of the Blue Box

Funny. I always link in my head the Blue Box (more here) with the West Coast of North America since it appeared twice there. It is just something i didn't think about, and that happens automatically.

Seeing the same Blue Box but with a Milanese Reseller coffee machine just boggled my mind, and made me realise that it must have been a new packaging from the Brevetti Robbiati company (with which i always associated the carton Boxes here until now)!

Friday, 20 November 2015

Thank you Frank!!!

One picture changed my photography skills forever.

I don't know how many times i failed.
I even bought a photo light box back then.
It just wouldn't work for me.

Then i looked carefully at this picture.

and saw this:

1) a white surface on which
4) the sun is reflecting
2) a white surface
3) a white surface.

I look around me.
The only equipment i had was the Sun.

So i drove to the nearest building supply store and bought many sheets of Polystyrene.
(for less than 20 euros)

On photo session day, my balcony would look like this:

for this amateur kind of result (way above my expectations):

Frank (who took the first picture of this post) paid a visit many years later.

Thank you for what you taught me!!!

Update - Brevetti Robbiati - Via Cesare Battisti 22a, Novate Milanese

I got a reminder recently by Pootogoo (here) that google.maps did make some updates since 2012.

As i posted this (here), about the creation of Brevetti Robbiati on the 10th of May 1948, the cars of google maps just made it until the roundabout.

It looks like they have now made it to the end of the Cesare Battisti Street, which allows us to look at the backyard of what used to be (until 1958) Mr. Robbiati's factory.


Saturday, 14 November 2015

Tuesday, 3 November 2015


You might say i posted this frothing recommendations already, and you're right. (here)
It only "slightly" differs by the tabbed paragraph at the bottom.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

no comment

(from the Bersten Collection Catalogue)

Italian "ATOMIC" trademarks...

... but none for coffee makers.

All what is left...

You'd expect a leaflet to have gone lost after 50 years...

... if not lost, at least: bleached, torn, folded and stained.

But clearly something unusual happened to this one.

Only the little notice - which is to be found on page 4 - survived.
(for the A.&M.G. Sassoon leaflets see here)

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

XXXIV Fiera di Milano (1956) - Coffee machines of Brevetti Robbiati

The coffee machines of Brevetti Robbiati were displayed in the "Sala Alluminio"- the aluminium room - of the 34th International Fair of Milan, Italy.

In 1956, the formulation "coffee machines of Brevetti Robbiati" covers several models.

It is a shame no coffee machine is to be seen on the picture of the following article:

 Until the day i find out how to get pictures of this exhibition, i had a look in the official catalogue of the 34th Milan fair.

It is clear, there had to be more information for me in these 1164 pages:

and indeed!!!

And the business Brevetti Robbiati?

Bevalite (Birmingham, Uk) Ltd. - Reseller of Stella 402E & 405E

The business Bevalite appears first time in the London Directory and International Register of Manufacturers, Wholesalers & Shippers in 1958 as Wholesaler of electrical goods.

It also appears to have had a short fate. In 1962, the liquidation took place.

Beneath, you will find a witness of its past glory:

Thursday, 8 October 2015

The lure of ... Expertise?

A browse in groups.google will provide you hours of entertainment.

It is humbling too.
To realise that some people knew 17 years ago what i had to painfully research over the course of the past 5 years or so.

It puts everything in a new perspective.

In 1998, Bob Norton knew that Brevetti Robbiati closed in 1983:

In 1997, Peter Foster was already describing the "C-like shape":

(i think P.F. meant 1946)

In 2006, Colin states that the machines are now made in Australia, and Frederick - just to clear things up -that "there is no such thing as a Brevetti Robbiati factory":

errrrrrr... wait!