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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Model Capuccino - A. & M.G. SASSOON - London, UK

Perfect coffee and now capuccino milk as well!


1. Fill the jug with hot or cold water, unscrew the black filter cap, pour the water into the body of the machine and screw the black filler cap on again tightly (The maximum will hold one jugful).

2. Remove the filter and fill it with coffee of a fine or fine to medium grind according to taste. Never use pulverised or powdered coffee. If you are making the maximum amount of coffee the filter should be filled with coffee to just below its tap. Gently shake or tap the filter to level the coffee and press down slightly. Replace the filter in the container and lock in place by a half turn so that the filter handle is the ### pointing outwards.

Now place the coffee maker on an electric plate, gas ring or any other form of heater. If a gas or cooker is used prevent the flame from showing round the base of the boiler.

3. Within a few minuted the coffee will start to pour into the jug with a gurgling sound. Wait for the flow to stop and then, if no capuccino milk is required, turn of the heat.

The Atomic coffee maker is completely safe and even if left on a fierce heat with no water in it at all, no harm can be done.


Coffee capuccino consists of half a cup of espresso coffee with frothed milk added to taste.

Pour some milk into another jug. See that the jug is dry, (the presence of water will prevent the milk from frothing).

As soon as the flow of coffee has stopped place the jug of milk under the capuccino tube so that the nozzle is well below the surface of the milk.

Turn on the red knob about half to one turn and move the jug up and down until the milk is of the desired frothiness. If extra forthiness is required turn the knob backwards and forwards varying the supply of dry steam. Do not let the milk boil. If it boils it will not froth. A little practice will be soon ensure perfect capuccino milk each time. The milk may be heated to any desired temperature by regulating the time the capuccino tube is in the milk.

If more capuccino milk is required add fresh cold unboiled milk and start again.

The capuccino tube may be used to heat other liquids as well as milk in exactly the same way but it is ideal for milk because it is almost instantaneous. No washing of a milk saucepan us required and no skin is formed on the milk.


is marketed in the U.K. by
54 Victoria Street,
London, S.W.1.
Tate Gallery 1071

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