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Sunday, 21 September 2014

It is not only tiring but also very humbling...

Once in a while, i cast my eyes in the South-American direction: Venezuela, Argentina, Uruguay.
I wrote a post recently: go here

There always seem to be a surprise waiting for me.

Most of the time, some old Brevetti Robbiati Model A coffee machines.
Some very strange like this one.

The following is a first.
A strange first.
An Hungarian machine.
With a "Szabadalom" badge. (Szabadalom means "Patent" in Magyar)
(I only know 1 other machine with this badge)
A then, a Water bakelite knob from a Industria Argentina machine (Hogar Cabiró, J.G.F., Leal, Very Good).

Strange first.

I wish the machine could talk... but it is as silent as a big lump of aluminium.

Speculation? What for?

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