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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Uruguay / Venezuela / Argentina

About a year ago, i added this phrase to the signature of my Blog:

I am creating & maintaining this site for my own pleasure.

I think it is easy to explain the first words... but at the end, it gets quite difficult.

Collecting, Researching, Meeting key-persons, sharing information that has been given to me... ok.
It takes a lot of passion and a lot of time and a lot of money.

My own pleasure?

I mean what i really really enjoy?

Today, i found a coffee pot in Mrs. Duda's kitchen (U.S.A. , 1959).

I have seen many many "stuff" (e.g. original papers) before so it was just one more.
(a 2 on a 1-10 scale of pleasure)

I read the text underneath:

"It's another little item that came from Venezuela and works on the order of "expresso" maker, producing full brewed coffee in an instant."

As soon as my eyes hit these words "from Venezuela", my brain was already producing all sorts of signals that activated my memory, sharpened my concentration, increased its oxygen need... and sent impulses that contracted my zygomatic muscle on one side which ended up in a indescribable smirk.


Difficult to explain, because you were not there.

But since i record all my conversations with the families of the manufacturers i cherish, here is what i heard 10 months ago, while meeting the 2 sons of Imre Simon:

On a 1-10 scale of pleasure:


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