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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Distributore automatico a moneta - RDV (Cordenons, Udine)

Desider Stern will probably be remembered as the author of the Bio-biobliography "Works of Jewish authors in German language", although he designed such fantastic coffee makers, and sold so many different items in his shop.

Giordano Robbiati will probably be remembered as the designer of ONE coffee machine, although he made a) many others and b) other objects which have nothing to do with coffee (juicer, door handles, meat grinders etc.)

And Remo Delle Vedove (Nephew of Ennio Delle Vedove who designed this machine here.) , who sold a coffee machine under the name "Electa" (here), will he only be remembered for this one coffee maker?

Maybe, i will try to counterbalance these narrowed views.
For example, Remo Delle Vedove also sold a Bubble Gum vending machine:

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