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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Update on the "In order to obtain a perfect 'cappuccino' " method...

November 9th, 2010

My call to the world: Flickr

Back then, i was very naive to think that someone would answer that call.

Some time, in the last 5 years, i realised i had to take the things in my own hands.
And there is no exception here because

3 years, 8 months and 21 days later:

July 30th, 2014

Me, myself and I (why? oh why?) spotted this special blue stamp again on a leaflet on ebay.
I gently asked the seller.
The seller sent me the requested picture.

Unfortunately, I think ebay resized it.
So, what i received was this:

At first sight, not much to see but...
... but look at the improvement in only 4 years!!!

It is ONLY a matter of time:
See you in 2018!

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Birth Certificates Giordano Robbiati, Imre Simon and Desider Stern

-.Paper chase.-
-.A perfect example.-

When the amount of hours spent to research + the amount of money spent
 don't relate in any way with the result 
(= disappointment of expectations).

More efforts for less result.

The positive side:
I won't have to make it again!!!

The idea was simple.
After i had visited all cemeteries in Milan (Italy), Budapest (Hungary) and Vienna (Austria),
it felt like a logical step to go for the Birth Certificates.

Let's start with the most successful research disappointment!

Communication: 11 emails between 23rd of March and 19th of May.
Costs: 20,34€

Desider Stern was born in Germany in Breslau.
Breslau is now called Wroclav and lays in Poland.

Until now, all easy.

Finding the right office in Wroclav was not as easy, 
my email which i translated into Polish (thanks to google translate) got forwarded many times.
I misunderstood many times their email... (thanks to google translate).
Mainly, they asked me several times if i was really willing to pay for the hours of research this would result in, which i was.

No results for Desider Stern.
The archive folder is not existing anymore.

Not disappointed at all,
and not taking no for an answer,
i gave the names of Desider Stern's parents and siblings
and TADA!
2 could be found!

Exactly what i was looking for!!!
Apart from the name was not of the designer i am fond of!!!

One document dates 1902, the other 1909... Desider Stern was born 1907.

You can see for yourself the names of Desider Stern's parents and the addresses they lived (change of address between 1902 and 1909).

Communication: 18 emails between 26th of March and 10th of July
Costs: 1,66€

If i can say 2 words that would summarise everything:
Italian administration.

My last chance was to seek help in Milan,
No other expert could help me more than Franco Balzaroti (see here).
I trust he could "do the talk".

With fantastically disappointing results!!!

Ok. It's a birth certificate.
The birth Certificate of Giordano Robbiati,
but where is the charm of original handwritten documents???

See by yourself:

For the ones who didn't know it already,
Giordano Robbiati is born on the 28th of March 1909 in Milan.

For your efforts and insisting phone calls:
Thank you my dear Franco!!!

Communication: 9 emails between 23rd of March and 29th of July.
Costs: 27€

How many kilometres an email can make?
And how the rest can be done by foot...

I initially wrote the first email to Keszthely, the town where Imre Simon was born in 1906.

Then i waited.
From the 23rd of March until the 2nd of July: NOTHING.

Until i got contacted by the Hungarian Consulate in Vienna, which i finally managed to visit today.

It looks official.
It is official.
But boring.
Not at all what i was looking for.

18 weeks and 2 days.
38 emails.

This is how it goes sometimes.

The price to pay for every rise of pulse, heart pressure and Serotonin...
... each and every time i received an email.

The price to pay for one more little bird
that kept circling in my head,
 and can now rest...


(SEE POINT 4.- and POINT 8.-)

1004-06-98 So. 9th St
PHILA., PA. 19147
WA 3-5557


The ATOMIC machine is designed to make either espresso (Italian black coffee) or CAPPUCCINO (Black coffee with steamed milk).

To operate this machine follow these instructions:

1.- Unscrew and remove the round black knob at the back of the machine. Fill with number of demitasse cups of water desired. Replace black knob.

2.- Measure into filter one teaspoon of Italian Roast coffee for each demitasse cup desired. (There are two filters with perforated bottoms one for up to 6 demitasse cups and one for 8 demitasses.)

3.- Place filter in container with long black handle. Insert container in machine and turn it to the right to lock.

4.- Remove brass rod from lower part of container.

5.- Place pitcher under container.

6.- Make sure that maroon plastic knob (ball) next to steam spout (pipe) is tightly closed to the right.

7.- Place machine on gas burner over high flame.

8.- When coffee has ceased to drip into pitcher, reduce flame and insert brass rod in the hole from which it was removed as far as possible to turn it left or right until it stops. This is to prevent the escape of steam thru the filter when the steam spout is used.

9.- To make steam milk (or any other liquid desired) leave flame under machine, wait about 20 seconds, then immerse spout (or pipe) in liquid to be heated. (A pitcher or container with handle can be used.) Release steam by turning the maroon knob next to the spout (pipe) and keep spout in pitcher until milk or liquid is hot and foaming.

10.- Turn off flame. Serve about 1/4 cup of black coffee adding steamed milk to taste.

11.- Suggest to rinse cups with boiling water just before serving so that coffee or cappuccino will be good and hot.

12.- A third filter, without holes, is provided to be used instead of filter with holes in case one wishes to obtain steam liquid only without making coffee.
This is just for the purpose of steaming liquids.


Saturday, 26 July 2014

Reseller of Brevetti Robbiati coffee machines in the U.S.A: FANTE'S Kitchen shop - 1006 S 9th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

In contrast to the last post, this leaflet wasn't shared with me.
So, if you are the new owner of this Brevetti Robbiati Model B with steamer:
I am waiting for your kind email!!!

Reseller of Stella espresso machines in the Netherlands (1955) : N.V. AMMERLAAN

Unfortunately, research unfruitful.

Warm thanks to the friendly provider of this document!!!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Distributore automatico a moneta - RDV (Cordenons, Udine)

Desider Stern will probably be remembered as the author of the Bio-biobliography "Works of Jewish authors in German language", although he designed such fantastic coffee makers, and sold so many different items in his shop.

Giordano Robbiati will probably be remembered as the designer of ONE coffee machine, although he made a) many others and b) other objects which have nothing to do with coffee (juicer, door handles, meat grinders etc.)

And Remo Delle Vedove (Nephew of Ennio Delle Vedove who designed this machine here.) , who sold a coffee machine under the name "Electa" (here), will he only be remembered for this one coffee maker?

Maybe, i will try to counterbalance these narrowed views.
For example, Remo Delle Vedove also sold a Bubble Gum vending machine:

Welcome to room 105

I strongly believe austrian hotel owners google me before they give me a room.

I already stayed in Room 402 (here).


Let's make a little travel in our brain!

Bon Trading Co.

What comes to my head first?

Sydney, Australia, 
Importer of the family Robbiati's coffee machines from 1965 until 1989.


Now, i tell you "KEYRING".


(see here for the Ebay auction)

The Jug lid,
The Jug handle,
The Portafilter handle,
The Bakelite Knob...

Can this picture help you more?

Made in the U.K. by british artisans ;.) :
It is a A.&M.G. Sassoon Model Standard.

What does Bon Trading Co. and A. & M.G. Sassoon had together... it is a long long story:

... dating back 50 years!!!
(read here)

Friday, 18 July 2014

5 more years!!!

18th of July 2009
a clown (me) buys a coffee maker made by Brevetti Robbiati.

The first step to one life-changing journey...

I am looking forward to  5 more years!!!

Plenty more to come!
Yours faithfully,

Are you enjoying yourself out there?

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Giordano Robbiati, te Milaan, Italië

Toestel voor het maken van koffie-extract voor gezinsverbruik.

translates to

Apparatus for making coffee extract for household consumption.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Just beautiful isn't it?

I had never seen that "Typ 402" engraving before (check other engravings here).
(I will soon celebrate my 5 years of collecting!!!)

Of course, no information about Power unit (usually 300 Watt): It is for a stove-top machine.

Interestingly enough, i found it on a Stella Model 402E... so, the electric version.

Even more interesting, on the stovetop Stella 402 i own, there is a 402E lid.

Mix and Match.

Glad i could buy this one though.
I just like it.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Brevetti Robbiati - Model 'B' as seen by Americans

The last article is really interesting, although some of the information has to be taken with a pinch of salt.

The dates are of special interest:

 1948 is very early for importing Giordano Robbiati's machines.
The Business Brevetti Robbiati was registered on the 10th of May 1948 (see here)
It also means that the invasion ;.) pre-dates the "Italian at work" exhibition of 1950 (see here).

The redesign really took place in 1950, but not by Thomas Edward Cara. (for more information about Thos. Cara., see here. as well as here, picture here and here, and interview here 1, here 2 ).
Here is the patent registration for the Model B made by Giordano Robbiati on the 6th of June 1950.

The steamer invention was not registered by Thomas Cara nor by Giordano Robbiati, but by Ennio Delle Vedove, brother of Remo Delle Vedove who manufactured the Model  R. 6 sold under the trademark "Electa": see here. (full patent here).

"Ten years later... the pressure gauge"
The first document i see that mentions the pressure gauge!!!

Looking for the badge of the ATOMIX?