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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Distinctively pretty much the same

Same content, different packaging!

La Sorrentina (on Wikipedia here)

Bon Trading Co. (ATMO 98 here)

La Sorrentina & Bon Trading Co. agree with each other!!!!

The motivation - thought - might be different.

I can only speculate - basing myself on ATMO 12 (here) & ATMO 64 (here) - 
that La Sorrentina stands for the ATOMIC shape to be distinctive so that the trademark "Atomic" is seen as generic and can be used to commercialise the Taiwanese reproduction Bellman CX-66.

I can only speculate - basing myself on ATMO 98 (here) -
that Bon Trading Co. stands for the shape to be distinctive (therefore try to trademark the shape) to prevent concurrence to build a reproduction of Mr. Giordani's coffee machine Model B with Steamer.

But basically, they have the same point of view.
Frightening, isn't it?

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