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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The "C" shape... one more example... not the last...

I posted about the "C" shape lately (here).


As simple as this patent description from 1900:

And from then on... you can let your imagination take the lead:


The base from a Stella Model 104
The neck from Les Établissements Tarditi model "Nec Tar"
The security valve from Gaetano Delle Vedove Typo 6
The top from a "Rapida Express"
The Portafilter from a Szigony M.V. project Model "Elektro".

Something that would look like this:

My friend Lucio just posted on his Blog an interesting machine.
Any resemblance with the above is purely fortuitous.

For sure, more of these beauties will rise from oblivion...

Monday, 19 May 2014

How sweet it is...

How sweet is is to be loved by you!!!

Dad, Wayne, Sharon, Les

I guess that is how she felt when she received this coffee machine as a gift:



I will watch the auction
 - wishing the coffee machine will come to a good home -
while listening to Marvin Gaye in 1965.

The year Bon Trading Co.  started to import her coffee machines to Australia.

How sweet it is...

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Self-diagnosing MCDA (Maximum Credible Design Accident)

"It would be impossible to improve on the organic lines and sleek modernism of the basic Atomic design"
Quoted from here and here.

"the unique aesthetic sensibility, the subtle functional improvements - indeed the very very soul - of Robbiati's Atomic coffee maker".
Quoted from here

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Incomplete history of the "C" shape in coffee makers

Distinctively pretty much the same

Same content, different packaging!

La Sorrentina (on Wikipedia here)

Bon Trading Co. (ATMO 98 here)

La Sorrentina & Bon Trading Co. agree with each other!!!!

The motivation - thought - might be different.

I can only speculate - basing myself on ATMO 12 (here) & ATMO 64 (here) - 
that La Sorrentina stands for the ATOMIC shape to be distinctive so that the trademark "Atomic" is seen as generic and can be used to commercialise the Taiwanese reproduction Bellman CX-66.

I can only speculate - basing myself on ATMO 98 (here) -
that Bon Trading Co. stands for the shape to be distinctive (therefore try to trademark the shape) to prevent concurrence to build a reproduction of Mr. Giordani's coffee machine Model B with Steamer.

But basically, they have the same point of view.
Frightening, isn't it?