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Monday, 21 April 2014

Mr. Robbiati's Model B with Steamer - FOOLPROOF?

Most of the dos/don'ts are described in the leaflets over the years:

_ don't play with the safety valve,
_ don't unscrew the knob until all steam has gone off the coffee machine,
_ when not in use, don't leave the knob tightly screwed in,
_ don't use espresso grind coffee ...
The list could go on and on...

Some advise - though - is so OBVIOUS that it was not - until now - worth mentioning.

The following pictures, which i use in allowance with the Copyright holder (here and here), amuse me to this day...

So i have to list another rule:

When making coffee, NEVER place the Jug in a way that the bakelite handle lands between the neck of the machine and the steam-arm:
You could have problems removing the jug after the coffee has brewed.

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