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Friday, 19 December 2014

Figura III - # 21

Finally, in Figure III shown is a coffee pot from the outside view according to the improvements described, in which you will consider the solution for output-ratio of the brewage, based on regulating the pressure inside of - 3 - opening or closing the tap - 21 - located above the normal level of water in -1-.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

BREVETTI ROBBIATI USA Resellers / Retailers

1950 - Italy at work exhibition (link here)

"Some of the items are already on sale here, and more are being imported by such leading stores as: 
_ Lord and Taylor and Gimbel Bros. in Manhattan; 
_ Abraham and Straus, Brooklyn; 
_ Stix, Baer and Fuller, St. Louis; 
_ Marshall Field, Chicago; 
_ The Halle Bros., Cleveland; 
_ McCurdy's, Rochester; 
_ The Wm. Hengerer Co., Buffalo;
_ Jackson's, Oakland; Meier and Frank, Portland, etc. "

A Brevetti Robbiati Model A was part of the exhibited items.
By how many "leading stores" was it then sold?

Here is the list of Resellers of Brevetti Robbiati coffee machines i have documented so far:

Altman's, New York City, NY (link here - 1957)
Lord and Taylor, New York City, NY (link here - 1957)
Conte di Savoia Food store, Chicago, Illinois (link here - 1978)
Hammacher Schlemmer, New York City, NY (link here 1979)
Ohori's, Santa Fe, New Mexiko (link here) - 1985
Thomas E. Cara, San Francisco, California (link here)
Fante's, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (link here)
Peet's coffee, San Francisco, California (link here)
Windward Trading Company, San Rafael, California (link here)
Joseph Magnin, San Francisco, California (link here)
Europa Commerce Incorporation, New York City, NY (link here)
Berarducci Brothers, McKeesport, Pennsylvania (link here)


Dear North Americans,

Thanks for visiting, sharing and contacting me for the past few years!!!

Some years ago, i assumed that the most interested persons were from Australia.

I was wrong.

My Blog counts 
visitors from North American as from Australia.

I would never have thought that way.

Bless you,


Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Another dream i had...

... be able to take one of these into my hands!

Bambi Presszó

Since i have known of its existence (here), i dreamt of going there.
So i went.


Try to look surprised now, look what is to be seen among all the Bambis!!!

My utmost pride & pleasure has nothing to do with coffee machines...

Zum Bogner

More infos about the architecture here.

"Zum Bogner" - Naglergasse, 4
is where Desider Stern lived.

His name is still there...

After a short ride in this lift from past times...

... you'll arrive to this door.

 And i dream that if i'd come earlier to Austria,
HE would have opened the door.
We would have had a lot to talk about.

(I arrived in October 2000 in Vienna, he had passed away that year in April.)

The journey touches its end.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Is that IT?

(The title is a cautious version of Michael Jackson's "This is it")

I make lists.

Since always.

And of course, hobby-related too:

_ Lists of things to bring to an interview,
_ List of things to bring when visiting archives,
_ List of pictures yet to be taken,
_List of information yet to be shared,
_List of machines yet to be seen

And evolving lists:

_ Information that i haven't, which is dependent on other people.
(which i might or might not ever see)

_ Information that i have to get active to get.

I looked at the latter list lately...
... and realised i reduced it (after 5 years of research!!!) to 5 points.

_ email...
_ send letter to...
_ go to...
_ meet...

I am just about to tick them of, one after another...

Is that IT?

Friday, 14 November 2014

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

How to date a Thos. E. Cara coffee machine "Atomic" - - - -


If its leaflet has got the "306, Columbus Ave" address, it dates from 1952-3 to 1960.
If it has got the "517, Pacific Avenue" address, it dates from 1960 onwards...

More to read here and here!


Monday, 10 November 2014

Atomic Espresso - Hungarian Tramway Ad

It would be fair to say that Ákos is breathing tramways.
He is in his element.
And like some of us coffee-bloggers who share their passion for the sake of sharing,
 Ákos has put up a fantastic collection of pictures and information on his website:

Here is what Ákos answered to my question:

"Hi, yes, those slanted surfaces were for the ads, although over the years some of them have found their way downwards, even to the windows. Best wishes, Ákos"

This is the picture that caught my attention on his webpage:

Here is a caption of a Youtube video from Budapest, Hungary:
(look at the adverts, both on the top as on the windows)

It is difficult to believe, even for me,
 more than 60 years ago,
this advert was just on display above people's head!





Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Sharing is easy!!! (WHAT A FANTASTIC COLLECTION!!!)

Lucio's Blog

Not for the faint-hearted

Take Desider Stern's prototype of 1952:

Turn it upside down:

Unscrew the Filter, and fill it with Coffee:

Screw the Filter back:

Flip the Coffee machine, Unscrew the Water-knob:

Fill with water:

Screw the knob back:

Place the prototype over a Jug:

Fill with Spiritus, and Fire:


... a little bit more... 

Flame off.
Take the Prototype away:

Et Voilà!!!