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Saturday, 28 December 2013

The best PR...

'fortuna est momentum quo occasionem convenit talentum'

So, preparation meets opportunity.
Well, who cares? I do care (unless there is any doubt about this in the audience).

So, one son of Imre Simon contacts me for a meeting appointment in Vienna.
He will come with his brother.

For those of you who are ever going to meet family members of coffee machine manufacturers,
bring with you:

_ pen and paper,
_ a voice-recorder (with new batteries... i brought once one with empty batteries, funnily enough, during our first meeting with Mr. Simon's son, and it wasn't of much help. I can't thank enough the curator of the museum for giving me batteries on that day!),
_ a camera,
_ documents about the business,
_ artefacts... for me on this, day: 2 old coffee machines (and my wife asked why was i going out with a cabin-luggage to go to town),
_ questions... but be aware that in the most cases, you will be listening, not talking and most of the questions will have to wait.

Greetings, small talk, looking for a coffee... i spare you the details.

I pull a coffee machine out of my "luggage".
The eldest son takes it in his hand, inspects it and says: "It's as old as me".
And the younger son adds: "yeah, there is a picture of you as a baby with it!".

I felt like this picture needed introduction.


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