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Friday, 6 September 2013

Replacement Jug for Szigony M.V.'s "Elektro"

Most of the time on these machines, the Jug is missing.

From then on, you have 2 possibilities:
_ leave your machine amputated or,
_ find a prothesis.

Only 2 possibilities, the third one - finding an original jug - you can already cross of your list.

So i advise, when possible: ALWAYS buy your machine with a Jug!!!
(The biggest regrets i had was to do just the opposite)

"Every rule has an exception"

And this is why i write today.

A friend sent me a picture of his recently acquired Szigony M.V. Model "Elektro".
(You notice people DO CARE when they buy extra Styrofoam to make pictures, just like i do it)

The question was about the Jug.

Original? Not Original?

I knew it was not.


Such an elegant bakelite handle... with flat outline and stripe indents inside... just like the original one.

I knew both originates from the same flea-market-hunter.

So the same guy finds 2 "Elektro" and 2 fantastic jugs... Ok.

But look at the production numbers!!!
First the one of my friend:


Mine is numbered 28!!!


So as i said... it was not Qualital who made the Jug... But it doesn't matter.

Who made it?

That is out of the scope of my research field... the best is to ask this little fellow ;.)

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