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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

8329 + 8518 + 8714 + ...

This question about the pencil numbers couldn't have been asked in a better moment: i have a meeting pending with Mr. T.Simon, one son of Imre Simon.

This picture  - the inside of the head of a Szigony/Qualital coffee machine - was contributed by an australian collector... who is apparently trying his best to refrain me putting an endpoint to this Blog.

Another humbling reminder how much i don't know about these machines...
... humbling & always exciting!

The "311" is for sure the production number.

If you have other questions... just write me an email, or comment on this post!


Lucio Del Piccolo said...

mmm, fingerprint of Imre Simon ?

Mik said...

Do you insinuate, Lucio, that i have not checked the finger prints already with the Hungarian authorities? No match in the IAFIS neither... but that only means that Imre Simon was not a criminal. Other "some" might guess he was... (http://www.atomic.org.nz/history.html) ;.)