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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

8329 + 8518 + 8714 + ...

This question about the pencil numbers couldn't have been asked in a better moment: i have a meeting pending with Mr. T.Simon, one son of Imre Simon.

This picture  - the inside of the head of a Szigony/Qualital coffee machine - was contributed by an australian collector... who is apparently trying his best to refrain me putting an endpoint to this Blog.

Another humbling reminder how much i don't know about these machines...
... humbling & always exciting!

The "311" is for sure the production number.

If you have other questions... just write me an email, or comment on this post!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Call me Stella... Ron Stella

Well, No. I am not Ron Stella, although the link on this page will forward you here.

I have some observations to make about that post, let alone the fact that it is one of the most visited on my Blog.

Yes, i find the formulation most accurate. These "no-names" are being robbed their fame and credit.
Absolutely right. But not only. Not only. Oh no. It is the whole family that is being robbed of its pride... and not only... and that might be even worse (and a bit selfish):

We are passing so close to fantastic stories!!!
We are being robbed! yes, despoiled!!!

Imagine what original documents, remembrance, objects, stories the families of these "no names" still have packed in boxes at home and stored in their heads! A treasure just waiting for someone... someone who, at the difference to all the others, shows interest. It just needs one person. For example, one person who will end up writing 9 posts on his Blog in 3 years time. That's it.

I got an email from the US lately, with a question about the Werner Stoff / Paul Nagel Gmbh candleholders i mentioned in the above stated post.
It made me smile.
"Everyone says" i know... well, i say something else.
Why? I was just interested.
On the original packaging, it was written "Nagel AG, Wesseling". So i googled it.
And then, the son of Paul Nagel answered my email.
Now, each and everyone can come to me with their "Everyone says"... i couldn't care less.

Now, why all this Bullshit?

Well, people, we are outnumbered.
They are far more crooks that want to sell their so-they-say "design items" under falsely claimed designers, let alone inducing the buyer in error, to maximise their win. And i say "people", because i am polite. I could talk about a trade and a few businesses and auction houses. Who hasn't read "eames era" or "attributed to" "probably" "reportedly" etc.

Well, it is not the name that makes an object a designer piece.
It is whether you like it or not.
(The milking stool made by my grandfather is definitely one of these)

I recently quit my subscription to a design and decoration magazine.
Months after Months, different jaw dropping interiors from all over the world... yet, same chairs!!!
Sometimes even in the same edition!!!
10000s of Eames, Jacobsen, Wegner ... you name it.
In 2 years of subscription... i have never seen my Zocker chair by Luigi Colani, let alone 5 lines written by this unconventional genius designer... and he is still alive.

Is there a logic, Something that would sound like: it has a name, so it is worth something?

So it seems, and according to this logic: there is something for everyone.
The crooks sell their article for more money under false claim, and the buyers have the impression they acquired a designer-named piece. (as if that was more important than having style and a personal taste)

Yes, sadness.
There are fantastic persons out there, who achieved fantastic designs & fantastic families who are waiting to open their dusty boxes and vivid remembrance.

A wish?
If we could tune the bigger names a bit quieter, and try to save as much information as we can about the "no names"... to finally cut the BS.

I sign: Ron Stella ;.) Utmost happiness-fulfilled if you have learned 1 thing or 2 about Gaetano Delle Vedove, Remo Delle Vedove, Alfredo Robbiati, Giordano Robbiati, Aubrey & Marion Gay Sassoon, Imre Simon, Desider Stern or Joseph Tarditi... or André Mounique, Paul Nagel and Werner Stoff.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Look in your photo albums!!!

I am looking for this kind of picture...
not dated January 2 2009...
but anytime between 1946 and 1989!!!

Don't hesitate to send your pictures to the email address you will see top right of this page!
Thanks in advance for contributing to this Blog.

Thanks to Marcellous for sharing!

Friday, 6 September 2013

Replacement Jug for Szigony M.V.'s "Elektro"

Most of the time on these machines, the Jug is missing.

From then on, you have 2 possibilities:
_ leave your machine amputated or,
_ find a prothesis.

Only 2 possibilities, the third one - finding an original jug - you can already cross of your list.

So i advise, when possible: ALWAYS buy your machine with a Jug!!!
(The biggest regrets i had was to do just the opposite)

"Every rule has an exception"

And this is why i write today.

A friend sent me a picture of his recently acquired Szigony M.V. Model "Elektro".
(You notice people DO CARE when they buy extra Styrofoam to make pictures, just like i do it)

The question was about the Jug.

Original? Not Original?

I knew it was not.


Such an elegant bakelite handle... with flat outline and stripe indents inside... just like the original one.

I knew both originates from the same flea-market-hunter.

So the same guy finds 2 "Elektro" and 2 fantastic jugs... Ok.

But look at the production numbers!!!
First the one of my friend:


Mine is numbered 28!!!


So as i said... it was not Qualital who made the Jug... But it doesn't matter.

Who made it?

That is out of the scope of my research field... the best is to ask this little fellow ;.)

Monday, 2 September 2013

Look at David Jones'

You surely remember the "look look look" advert for Bahco-condrup, reseller of A.&M.G. Sassoon's coffee machine.

This time, just look.

Advert dating December 1980 for David Jones, reseller of Bon Trading Co. itself reseller of Brevetti Robbiati's coffee machine Model "B":

See the original Box here!