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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Pearltrees navigation

To be honest, i am still working on that Pearltrees project.

I want to keep it simple and easy of use, and concentrate on the facts that matters.

This is why, you won't find no Guru bullish*t, no comment on what happened after the last of the businesses i research closed, and that's Szigony M.V. (Budapest) in 2004.

You can of course search a particular information, but for me, the more exciting is just to click around and let yourself be surprised!!! (over 700 pearls, there must be something in there you haven't heard of before)

Here an Example, Click:

Brevetti Robbiati,
then Resellers,
then Bon Trading Co.,
then Newspapers,
then Archives 1
then David Jones.

And you will see an advert for a Brevetti Robbiati coffee machine sold by David Jones.

Machine of which the box looked like this:

 Don't hesitate to feedback and report missing tree branches!

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