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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Instructions for this month.

To understand what is coming this month, you need a few informations & requirements:

_ that a Patent and a Trademark are 2 different legal protection of Intellectual Property.
_ that Laws are different in each country, and evolve with time. (e.g. Power of Attorney)

I hope i don't need to present you Desider/ Deszö Stern, Imre Simon or Giordano Robbiati.

3 names will maybe be new to you
Márton Solti & Béla Attl
They were the founder and managers of Qualital K.F.V. (see here).
Artur Stern (1910-1954) is Desider's younger brother.

As to dates, i remind you
_that Giordano Robbiati registered "Brevetti Robbiati" on the 10th of May 1948.
(many of the coming documents pre-date this)

_that Desider Stern moved to Austria on the 6th of December 1949.
(from that point, Imre Simon directed Szigony M.V. alone)

I have great pride & am utterly excited to share with you
the full hungarian registration of
Giordano Robbiati's coffee machine IT 25920/26168
including the Power of Attorney documents 
& Licensing to Qualital.


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