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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Morgen Latte in Deutschland

So you can take the electric base away from the Brevetti Robbiati coffee machine Model "B"... 
...that is if you are called Frank Kletschkus.

Ok... the base was not working.


He has more than GUTS to make his machine climb to 3,5 Bar!

Then he has the skills to foam and make Latte art!

And he is a professional photograph!

And he wishes to contribute to my Blog!

How lucky can i be?

Prepare yourself for some rather naughty pictures!


(Tell me you haven't noticed the green knob of a "La sorrentina".)

Pretty convincing results!

My favourite picture!


I guess next time, i will be getting pictures of the kitchen wall splashed with coffee ;.)
Nice one Frank!

1 comment:

Frank Kletschkus said...

It's all about grinding fine and tamping. Tamping the coffee and tamping with the pressure release valve so it doesn't open at 1,5.
If you use coffee ground to coarse sugar size and not tamped, it will run through and in this case the lever would give some extra pressure for frothing the milk.
If the lever is closed, or the infamous wand inseted in an attempt to raise pressure for coffee extraction, and then suddenly opened, coffee will be sprayed all over the kitchen.