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Friday, 19 April 2013

Coffee Tasting Seminar with Johanna Wechselberger

Vienna School of Coffee, 17th April 2012.

We were a very mixed group of 7: One was Barista (she made the travel from Germany to take part to this course!!!), One technically very knowledgeable, One who roasts his coffee himself at home... Some brewing filter coffee, Some with a semi-automatic machine.

I think i would sum it up accurately if i'd say Johanna Wechselberger brought up each and everyone of us one step further (for myself, at least, several steps).

Not only you get to taste espresso the way it suppose to be, you also get infected by Johanna amazing aura.
(For the complete neophyte here, Johanna is SCAE Masterbarista level 3, SCAE authorized trainer & Certifier, Gold cup Brewmaster & author of "The Ultimate Coffeebook")

My personal eye-opener was how much of a difference 1 bar, 3 degrees, a few seconds in coffee-water contact or the freshness of the coffee makes... and other "details" like a lasered filter (vs punched), straight filters (vs conical), and Pre-infusion... among others.

These really made sense for me on that day because all these facts were taken and treated one by one.
And yes, even the humble unexperienced espresso drinker i am could taste the difference in the cup.
Far away from all the expertise you get to read here and there, you get this knowledge served tailored on your tongue... you experience it. What an amazing experience!

Clearly, there is a lot i won't be able to apply for myself (due to budget, time etc)... but i knew exactly when and where i could do things better, the moment Johanna pointed specific points out.

And the bonus to taste other ways to make coffee (like cold-drip), ear thousands of anecdotes from Johanna's 15 years in the coffee business, smell cascara, touch the beans and see the hard but rewarding work it takes to achieve excellence in the cup... it was a real impression-filled 5 hours!!!

There was something for all senses.

I thoroughly recommend and join Johanna's call:

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