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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Poll - The Result

42% of 7 persons got it right!
That's a whole 3 persons!!!

I could see some uncertainty & hesitation in the answers, but only one person gave me his thinking process.
For the ones who missed it, here it is:

Time for a bit of documentation,

- Smaller & Smallest - Part 1

Small, Smaller & Smallest - Part 1


Pressure Gauge

Some electric wires & a bit of asbest...

A.R.V. Rosario Cafetera - Details

On each side of the neck.

Just 4 fun

Golden Girls

Things are going... and going and going...
... this is why i can't stop sharing.

Right there!!!

Look right there:

You will see something similar to this:

or this:

Or this (if you have a Stella Model 105):

Les autres "Tarditi"

There are other machines of "Les Établissements Tarditi", that i would like to see (let alone to own).

This one:

Or this one, named "La Tarditi Express":

But none of these would fulfil my heart (and my collection) as much as this one:

So if you own one of these, please send me a picture!!!
(that applies to the "La Tarditi Express" too!!!!)

120 instead of 8341

Of course, seen like this...

This picture has lost completely its charm.

It's not 8341 kms that separated these machines... barely 120.



Sure, i could...

Sure, i could tell you a story about SEARS...

... ROEBUCK and CO.

Sure, I could tell you that S.A. stands for "Sociedad Anónima".

Sure, I could tell you its address you will find on this receipt:

At the crossing of the 2 streets: Reina and Amistad in the Capital city of Habana.
(n°2 to be precise)

Sure, I could tell you that a store opened in Habana, Cuba in 1942.

Sure, I could tell you that a commemorative coin was produced to celebrate the 10 years existence of the store.

Sure, I could post a picture of the store:

Sure, I could tell you about the "Maid of Honor".

Sure, I could tell you it was one of many trademarks registered by Sears.

Sure, I could tell you it was used for "Housewares, Kitchen Accessories".

Sure, I could tell you that this trademark guaranteed "best quality" like on this small metal plate:

Sure, I could even tell you that the store was expropriated by the Cuban Government
 on Oct. 25, 1960.

But that would be telling you stories.

4 out of 5 machines i know of,
were found in the region around Milan.


Were these machines ever sold in CUBA?

I don't know,
for sure.