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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Stella Tauchsieder

I used my lovely Szigony/Qualital today.

By the time i was ready with buttering & "jaming" my bread,
my Postman rings at the door.

"Oh! a packet from Hungary!"
(I was not surprised)

A little chat about the weather follows - Pretty cold for the season.
(just snowed 5cms)

So now the packet is here, someone has to open it.

You know where it leads.


Well, the coffee is getting cold.


No idea!


I found this little unpretentious website:

Lucky! He?

So i bought it!

What a handy little device!

Heats up fast!

The best invested 3,5 euros ever!!!
(nearly feeling as lucky as that guy!)

Hey you! Can i ask you what are you doing on my Blog again?

1 comment:

vincent said...

hi mik,
qui que quoi moi ?? sur votre blog!
mais parce qu'il est passionnant !

merci encore.