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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Brevetti Robbiati - Model A - 3rd size

I have to tell you something personal: I have a bad crush on flatheads!
I just love them.

For me, they are far more worth "emotionally" than any other coffee makers i own.

Certainly because of the story of the fascinating beginnings
 (let's say 46 until 1948-9) they tell.

So i got really excited this time, no wait:

Remember this beau-ti-full picture from Franco Balzarotti?

Maybe you still have in mind my 2 early (pressure release valve in front plug) birds:

Well, the following picture is just OVERWHELMING!!!

The coffee machine on the left IS WAS the smallest version.

There is now an even smaller "Model A"!

Thanks to the Australian collector who sent me this picture!
(Oh! So there are nice people in Australia ;.)

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