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Sunday, 31 March 2013

The fifth dimension

For we can fly...

Keep contributing to my Project 2013!

Thanks for sharing this picture with me!

"We can sing a song and sail along the silver sky"

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Brevetti Robbiati - Model B with Heater

You wouldn't believe me if i told you i received 4 leaflets for free from a complete stranger.
So it is not worth telling you the story.

Collection of Brevetti Robbiati leaflets updated!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Chris does it with Style!

To combine post-WW2 streamline aluminium design & Camping,
there is only one "thing" to go for:
The Airstream.

So now, mix in it a stovetop coffee maker of the era...
... of course, Brevetti Robbiati's Model "B"!

A bit of Bella Vita!

Then Choose a nice spot, let's say Cornwall, UK!

And ENJOY!!!

Thanks to Chris for the very moody pictures!
Chris has a loving Blog about his Airstream (can't blame him!),
check it out here!

My wife and I can't wait to go back to Cornwall & Devon,
These are ones of our favourite spots on this planet.

A perfect mix of my Homeland Brittany, but with style.
In a Nutshell, it looks like home but better.
The light is superb.
The weather is challenging (like at home).
People there have great british humour & are sincerely welcoming.
(That took us by surprise last time.)

We just love it and can't wait to go back!

Remember my Fish & Chips (& Ships:) looking at the Mevagissey Harbour!

They even serve scones to espresso!!!
How more open minded can you be!!!

An Airstream has been used in a A-Bomb test in the Nevada Desert, U.S.A. in 1955.
(Have a great read here!)

Stella Tauchsieder

I used my lovely Szigony/Qualital today.

By the time i was ready with buttering & "jaming" my bread,
my Postman rings at the door.

"Oh! a packet from Hungary!"
(I was not surprised)

A little chat about the weather follows - Pretty cold for the season.
(just snowed 5cms)

So now the packet is here, someone has to open it.

You know where it leads.


Well, the coffee is getting cold.


No idea!


I found this little unpretentious website:

Lucky! He?

So i bought it!

What a handy little device!

Heats up fast!

The best invested 3,5 euros ever!!!
(nearly feeling as lucky as that guy!)

Hey you! Can i ask you what are you doing on my Blog again?

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Come to ...


Don't tell me i have to remake this collection (here) again!
(Do you know how much time goes into that kind of stuff?)

A badge with the least characters!!!


I mean 12 letters!!!


How much less can it become???

Just for a contrast, i publish it with the richest badge of the Brevetti Robbiati business:
The "CUBA"!
(I will tell you some more about it very soon)

It has 6 times more:

Will this ever stop?

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Brevetti Robbiati - Model A - 3rd size

I have to tell you something personal: I have a bad crush on flatheads!
I just love them.

For me, they are far more worth "emotionally" than any other coffee makers i own.

Certainly because of the story of the fascinating beginnings
 (let's say 46 until 1948-9) they tell.

So i got really excited this time, no wait:

Remember this beau-ti-full picture from Franco Balzarotti?

Maybe you still have in mind my 2 early (pressure release valve in front plug) birds:

Well, the following picture is just OVERWHELMING!!!

The coffee machine on the left IS WAS the smallest version.

There is now an even smaller "Model A"!

Thanks to the Australian collector who sent me this picture!
(Oh! So there are nice people in Australia ;.)

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Uk - 1950

Coffee percolators.
G. Robbiati (B.P. 633,988, 29.12.47. Italy, 18.9.46). — Water is heated electrically in the base of the apparatus and on boiling is forced up through a pipe secreted in the handle, to feed a detachable percolator secured above a coffee pot, which stands on that part of the base which functions as a kettle. The invention relates to improvements in construction. (2 drawings.)
J. H. Bushill.

Friday, 8 March 2013


Let's say you're 38 years old.
You're an engineer.
Your first business got bombarded during the 2nd World War.
Let's say you recently patented a coffee machine.
Let's say you really believe in it.
Maybe you need money, to start your new business. Maybe.

And now my question:


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