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Sunday, 17 February 2013

You don't know until you ask.

Posted in Vienna, Austria from my account on the 9th of February 2013 at 7:53pm.


Lucio Del Piccolo said...

I am disgusted. She could join our Belusconi's staff. 20 years ago it could work... but now?
I respect business.
I hate liars.

Go Mik! Go!

Mik said...

"Innocent until proven guilty".
Let's wait for an genuine answer!
In time Truth will come out.
I am convinced it won't be any different to what can be found on my Blog!
Ciao Lucio!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but where does it say the business got relocated?

Mik said...


At 2:44, Irene Notaras talks about "move location" "next location" "Zoning" "temporary thing".
(Around 2006)

(I LOVE LOVE LOVE her LAUGHTER ar 2:29!!!!!)

Alfredo Robbiati closed the family business in 1989.

That last phrase is NOT being anti-BonTrading&Co.

If you love something (not even talking about World's best love), you respect it and the people who made it.

I don't know what Mm. Notaras is talking about. From what i understand, reproductions of some sorts she is marketing in Australia (Mr. Grieve also markets reproductions called "CX 66", but at least, the taiwanese manufacturer "Bellman" is not kept secret).

I am still waiting for an answer on Facebook.
From Milan,