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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Different times... same constraint.

Reduce the postage costs to the max to maximise the wins!

But how?
One possibility: Reduce the weight!

Even for the simplest letter, a Flightpost paper (20-30g per square meter) was used.

It ain't different for the shipping box!
Remember these pictures? (See here)

The coffee machine fits perfectly in the box - nearly no spare place and is only protected from contact with other parts by means of thin paper.

But that was at least 24 years ago!!! (2013-1989=24)


Back to 2012.
As you known, I recently bought a machine from Argentina.


The packet got to be less than 2 kilos. If not, the postage price explodes!!!


A simple light box just covered with plain brown paper
(see next post for my Thanks to the Austrian & German post)

In the Box, a squeezed shopping bag  well protected by a plastic bag!

The plastic bag is marked by an exquisite "cafetera".

In the shopping bag: another plastic bag with the precious item!!!

Safe ;.))))) arrival in my collection!

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Anonymous said...

and what's inside those lovely plastic bags????