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Thursday, 21 February 2013

viva ancora?

Laughing out loud in company of Alfredo Robbiati, Franco Balzarotti & Roberto.

Warning: Roberto's laughter is very contagious.

"Greetings from Cape Town" from Alex Slager

Superb Stella Model 505E and a jaw-dropping landscape!
(more info here & press on newer post)

I forward his greetings to you all,
Thanks for watching!
And a big Thank you Alex, that's a hell of a picture!

How about you?

Spotting reproductions... for dummies.

The Bon Trading Co. reproduction has "Made in Italy" engraved underneath (see here).
(Giordano Robbiati never stamped neither "A" nor "B" models, see here)

The Bellman CX-66 reproduction has the name "La Sorrentina" on a black badge (see here).
(Alfredo Robbiati's "La Sorrentina" were golden badged, see here)

The Indian reproduction has a boiler Plug that comes out a centimeter away.
(Note: On some of Giordano Robbiati's Model "A", the security valve is placed there, see here)

Reproductions don't do it to me.

I buy vintage, to my satisfaction.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Rare, Medium Rare , Medium or rather Medium well.

This machine is so rare that there are 3 available on ebay at the moment at the same time!

I am happy i bought mine for a reasonable price from its first owner.

Monday, 18 February 2013

The whole secret of life is to be interested in one thing profoundly...

"Life is a tragedy for those who feel, a comedy to those that think."
Horace Walpole

(Click on the above picture for Ian Kath's interview of Irene Notaras)

At 1:45
Ian Kath: "so you're buying all the stock he creates"

At 2:45
Irene Notaras: "They had to move"

Someone should tell Mm. Notaras that Giordano Robbiati passed away
 on the 1st of November 1990.

Read here for my visit of Mr. Robbiati's grave.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Asocial Networking

In the meantime, my question on Facebook (here) has been simply deleted.

Now, That's what i call customer service!

You don't know until you ask.

Posted in Vienna, Austria from my account on the 9th of February 2013 at 7:53pm.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Thanks to the Austrian & German post!!!

Same thing as last year (see here), my purchase came safe home thanks to the dutiful postmen of the German & Austrian post!
(The regular tips paid off!!!)

Thank you for sticking the packet together!

Different times... same constraint.

Reduce the postage costs to the max to maximise the wins!

But how?
One possibility: Reduce the weight!

Even for the simplest letter, a Flightpost paper (20-30g per square meter) was used.

It ain't different for the shipping box!
Remember these pictures? (See here)

The coffee machine fits perfectly in the box - nearly no spare place and is only protected from contact with other parts by means of thin paper.

But that was at least 24 years ago!!! (2013-1989=24)


Back to 2012.
As you known, I recently bought a machine from Argentina.


The packet got to be less than 2 kilos. If not, the postage price explodes!!!


A simple light box just covered with plain brown paper
(see next post for my Thanks to the Austrian & German post)

In the Box, a squeezed shopping bag  well protected by a plastic bag!

The plastic bag is marked by an exquisite "cafetera".

In the shopping bag: another plastic bag with the precious item!!!

Safe ;.))))) arrival in my collection!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Obsession.... but how can it be any different?

My mistake.

Alfredo Robbiati is born in 1936.
I wrote this post (here) in 2013.
So he will be 77 years old and not 73.
He was 73 as i started my research.
The age just stuck to my head.

My mistake.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Friday, 8 February 2013

NF - Alufran (AFNOR) / Poinçon de Qualité pour appareils ménagers

"NF - Alufran?" asked a famous italian collector lately.

(Look under the Chabeuil engraving)

NF is no secret to anyone who grew up in France, it is written on nearly every item manufactured in France: "Norme Fançaise" (French standard).

For household items, the AFNOR (French Association of Standards) created 5 hallmarks for different kinds of household devices: pressure, electric, gaz, coal or - for the kitchen and the butcher - made out of melted aluminium.

"Like the hallmark on Gold,
look on your household devices for NF!"

There is no silly question!!! so ask!
You will find my email address at the top of the page.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

1955 - Uk

I quote:

"They rave about my Atomic espresso coffee. Some people seem to think you need a machine the size of a cinema organ to make wonderful 'Espresso' coffee. Nothing of the sort! My Little 'Atomic Espresso' coffee maker produces  coffee for six within ten minutes. And what coffee it is! The secret is the steam pressure — exactly right to release essential oils and get every atom of flavour from every grain of coffee. There's no question about it: since i started serving 'Atomic Espresso' coffee my reputation as a coffee maker has gone up, my bills are down, and I've had far less fussing "word missing to do." Atomic espresso coffee maker at your Stores or Hardware Shop today"

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


From Sweden, I was sent  - from the very fortunate owner of this jewel -

 the most sumptuous pictures ever,

& i can't even thank him enough for that!

If you can keep up to his standards, don't hesitate a second
& take part to Mik's Project 2013!!!

I am missing words to describe what i feel:

This is simply breathtaking.

Peet's Coffee & Tea - San Francisco (California, USA) / Atomic Espresso Cappuccino Maker

In June 2010, I found this picture of the "blue box" in the archives of an auction website.
The item sold back in 2007.

The picture of Robbiati's home coffee machine with 3 jugs (one for the milk) seems to me so

At the end of 2012, the "blue box" reappeared.

Very excited, i asked the seller for more pictures, or at least, the ones he took for the auction.

All i got from the seller (and one has to say, it is better than nothing)  is that the box was marked with "Peet's" and the price of 75USD.

After Thos. E. Cara Ltd. in San Francisco & the Windward Trading Co. in San Rafael, this is to me now the 3rd reseller on the West Coast.

I will now wait until 2017, for someone to send me better pictures, for documentation purposes.
(That is apparently too much asked already for many people)

In the meantime, i'll contact Peet's.

Let's hear what they have to say!

Monday, 4 February 2013

Maquina Express Familiar - A.R.V. - Rosario, Industria Argentina

Maquina Express Familiar - A.R.V. - Rosario, Industria Argentina

Maquina Express Familiar - A.R.V. - Rosario, Industria Argentina

"espresso machine for domestic use" or such cryptic name

Have you noticed how Giordano Robbiati's coffee machine is called in the last 3 posts?

"Robbiati domestic expresso maker"
"Robbiati espresso coffee machine"
"Robbiati home espresso coffee machine"

I remember very well this expert on Wikipedia (one of 13 experts) and his paragraph starting with "one internet blogger" (see here).

I was reminded of this particular event by the badge i will post now, on which it says:

"Maquina express familiar"

Maybe not so cryptic as it may seem (at least for me).

Remember this:

I am responsible for what i write on this blog.
I am not responsible if you don't have the capacity to understand it.

The beautiful badge belongs to the coffee machine i already talked about in the posts

A - like (here)


Keep on Track (here)

Yours sincerely,

1991 - Uk

I quote:

"The House of Italian Handicrafts in New York, and began a programme of market research to discover what Italian products would succeed in the American market . Olivetti's Lexicon 80 (below) and the Robbiati domestic Expresso maker (right) demonstrated that, despite having been considered by Americans as mainly craft - orientated, Italy was poised to be a major contributor to industrial design. "

2006 - Brazil

I quote:

"As an example of industrialised products the mechanised business and office equipments produced by Olivetti were exhibited, both for the formal appeal as well as for the efficiency of the engineering. Similarly, the Innocenti Lambretta motor scooter was chosen because it married the effectiveness of its design with the characteristics of the Italian landscape, while the Robbiati espresso coffee machine “which produces that nectar of all coffees", appealed more to the palate than the eye."

2006 - Canada

I quote:

"The majority of works in the exhibition were one-of-a-kind or serially produced crafted items, but there was a small section devoted to industrial design products such as Olivetti Lexicon 80 typewriters and calculators, a Robbiati espresso home coffee machine and a Lambretta scooter by Innocenti, Milan. As Meyric Rogers wrote: "Given the tought conditions , it is here that the universally recognised scientific and mechanical skills of the Italian people combine most eflfectively with their ingenuity and sense of form. "

Friday, 1 February 2013

Mik's Project 2013

You haven't contributed to my Blog yet?


Step 1:
Choose your favourite coffee machine
(Brevetti Robbiati, Stella, Szigony/Qualital, GDV / RDV,
Tarditi, E.T.N.A, S.T.E.M.A.C., A.&M.G. Sassoon,  etc.)

Step 2:
Choose a nice place
(a landscape, a landmark, your kitchen etc.)

Step 3:
Take a picture

Step 4:
Send it to

I took these pictures in St-Gilgen, Austria.

What are you waiting for?