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Monday, 21 January 2013

Torrefazione Guarany, Milano

Puzzling Exciting Challenging

These are the words that described the most my encounter with this particular badge:

Caffè Guarany, Milano

A Model "A" from the Brevetti Robbiati business.

My first thoughts were:


My second thought was:

Too unique to be true?

It hasn't got much in common with the badges i know.
(see here)

I could not help but to research... all i found was unfortunately below the shadow of a doubt.

This advert lead me to the name of the founder: Cesare Caremoli.

It was then easier to look through registrations:

(i like)

Then i looked for the address of the Torrefazione Guarany.
(But is it the original address of the business???
Maybe not. see here)

The one address i found on the internet made me rise my left eyebrow:

Via Cavour 53
20026 Novate Milanese

I haven't got a clue why "via Cavour" rang a bell (no seriously).
I really had the impression i knew that street (strange).
I have tried to remember why for 2 days now. 

Remember the first address of Brevetti Robbiati?


It was

Cesare Battisti 22
20026 Novate Milanese

Then, i was frowning my other eyebrow.
(yes, that right one)

- maybe.

The business of Cesare Caremoli was taken over by Pellini Caffè S.P.A.

Of course, i had to write them an email!!!!!

Guess what!

I received an email the day after!
That's what i call customer service!!!

It could have been a more informative email with leaflets, photos etc.
But one can't be always successful!!!

So, the doubt remains.

I have my point of view on this badge,

But who cares about points of views?


This rare coffee machine wants to change owner.


This i would really like to read

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