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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Butterfly Effect

Little insight into the way i research:

The following entry of "Dominho" was written from Rio de Janeiro, on a Canadian Coffee Forum (Coffeecrew) on the first of March 2008.
By whom?
A grandson of Desider Josef Stern.

I won't comment the answers given on this forum.

This "Atomic Revelation" was the start on my research, let's have a look how i proceeded:

The "name" was out: Desider Stern.

So i googled him, and landed on the website of the Literaturhaus in Vienna (1 & 2) about an exhibition that took place in 2007.

Then i contacted the Literaturhaus and asked if they could give my contact to the family Stern.

As i saw it was taking a bit longer than i would have expected... I started to write everyone with the family name Stern living in Vienna, Austria, on Facebook (yes, you eventually get blocked by Facebook for doing this, although i can't remember if one gets blocked 3 hours or 3 days per 10 questions asked to "strangers").

The text couldn't be more simple: "Dear Mm. Stern, may i apologise for contacting you over Facebook. I would like...."

Eventually, the same day, Mm. Stern answered.
It could have been any Mm. Stern. It happened to be the daughter of Mr. Desider Stern.

Mm. Stern and I got acquainted, so that i was entrusted with a folder containing many artefacts of the former business Stella -Wien.

Among many business letters and leaflet, this intriguing photo:

There comes the Deus Ex Machina in this story, played by my wife (my personal motivation coach).
My wife's favourite line: "You'll never find that out".

What did i do next?

I wrote to every email address i could find on the website of the Austrian Theatre Museum & of the Austrian Film Museum.

I did get one email back assuring me the young lady was the Viennese Imperial Court Theatre actress Inge Konradi. (see here)

As for the young man, the Austrian Film Museum couldn't help further.

Well, i thought, if Inge Konradi played so often at the Imperial Court Theater, i might as well asked them.

I sent an email to the contact address on their website.
Within a couple of hours the actor could be identified: Alexander Trojan.

As to the piece, it is now in the hands of the Imperial Court Theatre, as an internal riddle.
Will they find the colleague who can identify the roles and thereupon the theatre piece?
(Without the shadow of a doubt, they will)

Yep, i know.
It is a strange hobby, but one gets to know many people!!!
I know you probably looked at the shiny piece of aluminium coffee machine in the middle of the scene.
It is an early Stella Model 110E... and it isn't plugged.
(Maybe it is still stored "somewhere" as a prop. But don't you worry, i asked them already.)



Any idiot could have done the research.
The mystery for me is:
Why didn't anyone bother?

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