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Monday, 17 December 2012

Santa Claus, North Pole

Dear Santa,

I am very happy of what happened the current year. It has been very enriching and prolific.
I was privileged to meet fantastic people, add amazing coffee makers to my collection, and study jaw-droping documents.
All my experiences i share with the world, because i think, maybe one or two persons might be in the same situation like mine 3 years ago: they want to know the history of these coffee makers.
Collectors around the world have been sending me some unbelievable pictures and documents, and have shared some of their knowledge with me, for which i am very grateful.
Life has been good to me.

Yet, i allow myself to make 2 wishes (i have plenty more, but i was told you have a lot to do these days).

If you could locate these coffee makers, and ensure that these coffee makers and i cross paths, it would motivate me to be a good person the coming year, and continue sharing what i know if the time allows me.

Here is my list:

Thank you Santa,

1 comment:

Lucio Del Piccolo said...

Your wish will came true, but you'll have to promise you'll be a good boy in 2013.

Santa Lvx