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Monday, 26 November 2012

Not Badges, yet... not less interesting!

Yesterday, I presented you with my collection of badges.

Here is a collection of marks, engraving, stickers and "other" stuff.

Where shall we start?

Here some Stickers from Brevetti Robbiati on "Atomic" coffee makers:

Here Bakelite knobs from Stella (Model 402), Szigony M.V. ("Piccolo"), les établissements Tarditi ("Nec Tar") and Szigony M.V. ("Bambi) again.

And these are marks / engraving on "La Bikinette", and 3 machines / jugs from the Szigony M.V business, 6 from the Stella company (Model 104, 402E, 505E), 1 from the Tarditi company ("Nec Tar", 5904 under a "ETNA", 2 from a "Minipress" (Szigony M.V.) and twice V125 from a "Electa" marked coffee machine from the Gaeteno Delle Vedove & Remo Delle Vedove business.

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