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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Ennio Delle Vedove / Patent for a coffee machine

Why is Ennio Delle Vedove's patent interesting?

Several reasons as you will see, but one of them is the date.


You surely remember Giordano Robbiati's patents for a coffee device dating 14th of September and 18th of September 1946.

Of course, you also remember Giordano Robbiati patent for another coffee device dating 6th of June 1950.


Well, Ennio Delle Vedove (Remo's brother) patented his coffee machine
 on the 12th of May 1949.

That means between Giordano's flathead and roundhead model!!!!

Chronogically pictured?
These 3 inventions (Robbiati, Delle Vedove) would look like this:

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