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Monday, 5 November 2012

Balloon to another level

If one day you happen to visit the Technical Museum in Vienna, you can enjoy an espresso in an amazing room. But you'll appreciate it even more "in good company".

That day, i share a bit of time with Dr. Ursula Becker - passionate collector of coffee machines.

Dr. Ursula Becker's knowledge about the history and the technics of coffee making is about a 100 million light years over mine. For me, a highlight of course.

She threw an expert eye on the documents i brought to her, a folder owned by Judith Stern with many artefacts ranging from patents & trademarks to pictures & leaflets. It was very refreshing and she was able to share useful information... put "things" into context, bring up details i hadn't seen - for which i am very thankful!

Across the room, this machine was on display:

A Stella Model 104!

The handle was absolutely new to me on this model: very very thick bakelite.

I remember seeing a Stella Model 105 with such a portafilter handle:

The other bakelite parts were bearing the signs of use and time:

Among Dr. Ursula Becker's coffee machines, these caught my eyes:

A Stella Model 505E
A Stella Model 306E
A Stella Model 402E

A Brevetti Robbiati

A last picture to commemorate a great time spent together, sharing our passion.

Dr. Ursula Becker was as thrilled as Lucio by the Balloon.

Understandable, when you have such a ship in your collection!!!

The Balloon, the Ship, the Train! Fantastic machines!

But my heart beats for you-know-which-machines... you've been here long enough.
Now, go to bed!

But before you do, plan your next trip to Cologne to visit her museum (well over a thousand machines displayed).

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