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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Arthur Radebaugh

At last!

I posted my collection of vintage adverts in March 2011... not knowing that someone had started a blog about Arthur Radebaugh in February 2011.

I google the name "arthur radebaugh" today thinking "there must be a book about him!".

I quote the BlogMuch of Radebaugh's biography resides only in boxes in our closet, on old cassette tapes holding the oral histories we took, and in our fading memories.

Mind blowing.
It must be very interesting all that.

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BRBonowicz said...

A documentary about Arthur Radebaugh and Closer Than We Think!


Mikael JANVIER said...

Hi Brett! Fantastic Project! Did you contact the guys of the Blog stated in my Post? I remember them telling me about boxes of documents stored somewhere waiting for better days... Best regards, Mik - Write me an email to my email address stellabanana@hotmail.com , i will put you in contact with them.