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Sunday, 30 September 2012

One day...

"When negativity surrounds..."

2 friends were outraged by the recent declarations of sellers of reproductions of one of Mr. Robbiati stovetop coffee machines.

I don't find it neither appropriate nor respectful... neither to the former manufacturers themselves who created such wonderful machines, nor to their customers.

But everybody should have the right to ridicule him/her-self in public.

Until now, from Australia, we have seen or heard:
_ the fake portrait of Giordano Robbiati,
_ the family Robbiati is still manufacturing genuine best-loved coffee makers,
_ Brevetti Robbiati 's business burned down in 1986,
_ a coffee machine can have an atomic form, shape, type, style, variation and function,
_ "The Atomic" was created the 26th of June 1947,
_  the "Martians" were prototypes,
_ Desider Stern was so impressed with Robbiati's Atomic that he created Stella,
_ the "La Sorrentina" was made by Brevetti Robbiati in the 60s,
_ the molds found in a barn,
 (and i could list them all... but i'd rather spend time researching)
Update 08 Oct. 2012: i nearly forgot the "Rembrandt" or was it a "Renoir"?

I am watching from Europe all what it seams to me like a competition of who is going to tell the biggest story to fight over an illusional legacy in the best case... to make money in the worst one.

Europe, a place that have seen so many wonderful coffee machine designers
Europe, the core of the History of the manufacturers and businesses i am interested in:
Stella, Brevetti Robbiati, Szigony Müszaki Vállalat, A.&M.G. Sassoon, Gaetano Delle Vedove, Les établissements Tarditi...

Australia only imported... but behaves like it owns it all.

Do like me my friends: IGNORE