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Sunday, 26 August 2012


"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

Why quote Aristotle?

Well, i didn't find a suitable quote from Lucio Del Piccolo!

Lucio sent me a few days ago the sickest pictures i have ever seen...

The fantastic thing is that he allows me to borrow his eyes... to see his world as if i was him...

... i got infected by his emotions... 

... and the result is the following pictures!!!

Join me to go closer, closer, closer... until the whole flathead explodes in front of your eyes!!!

Now i need your concentration!!!

The coffee machine is made of 2 main parts:

The "Body":
(Couln't unscrew the security valve!)

The "Head":

These 2 parts are kept together by 3 screws:

Between the "Head" and the "Body" are 4 intricate parts:
The shower screen
A large seal
A round seal
A metal ring.
(On the following picture, no larger seal: Half got stuck to the head, the other half to the body!)

The Portafilter "Arm":

The "Filter":

The water "Knob":

The coffee "Jug":

I dismantled my little flathead (18,2cm), Lucio his larger model (20,2).
Any differences?

Wait and see!
Until then:


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