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Monday, 27 August 2012

Curiosity is a great motor in life!

"Someone" forwarded Mr Brøchner  to me, this granted me with a large grin...
... and watching the pictures this morning a huge smile.

And this for 3 reasons:

  • The first reason was an internal vibration: Someone wants to know more about his coffee machine.That was for me the very first step to all that research which ended up on this Blog.
  • The second reason was that i had never seen such machine before!!!
  • The third reason was that not only Christian was a friendly guy to be in contact with, he also took of his time to take and above all share his pictures with me.

Curiosity is a great thing... no doubt about it. It can't make you achieve things you had no idea you could, and get information many thought was impossible to get.

And, where i stand now, there is one other factor that constantly rose in the last 3 years.
You can try to know everything... but it is sometimes more important to know that you don't know certain things for sure... and instead of going on about the may-bes and could-bes, it is a greater and more rewarding step to say: "I don't know".

So now, Christian confronts me with a machine i have never seen before.
Sure it is similar to this one here. But aren't these machines all similar?

3 machines with this extra Pressure relief valve are known to me.
They were found in Germany, Sweden and now Denmark.

Dating coffee machines from the Brevetti Robbiati business?
  • All documents are gone,
  • Alfredo Robbiati (born '36) who worked with his father for more than 20 years cannot remember precisely when, for whom which machine was made... and i understand it completely,
  • Isn't it a bit pretentious/useless to give a span of production when the history of the Brevetti Robbiati business last 35 years (1948-1983): Dating a machine from the 50s-60s equals to a 20 year span = 57% of the total production time (now that's precise ...not!).
And then of course, you have exception and they are great!!!
Like the "Novate Milanese" badged coffee makers which were made before Giordano Robbiati changed address in 1958,
Like the S.T.E.M.A.C. coffee machines (incl. La Sorrentina), made by Giordano's son Alfredo between 1983 and 1989,
Like the FFWD badged machines, a trademark recorded in 1987 in London, Uk.

Now to your machine Christian!
It has a "Brevetti Robbiati" badge... that means it was made before 1983!
The One-Body improvements on the Flathead was patented by in Italy by Giordano Robbiati in 1950.
It has a broad neck and a very rounded shape.
It has flat screws in the head.
(The last 2 points give only a clue... Both the "La Sorrentina" coffee machine sold in NY in 1984 has and the my Brown one sold in NY in 1975 have the same specifications)

So rather the end of production than the beginning! ;.)

Christian! Your machine is UNIQUE! Cherish it and reward your "ladies" with its coffee and foamed milk!
Stroll a bit on my blog... one or two documents or pictures might interest you!

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