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Friday, 20 July 2012

Honoring of an Inventor - D. Josef Stern - 1954

"The achievement award of the Austrian inventor association has been granted to the owner of the business Stella-Maschinen-Vienna (First district) , Mr. D. Josef Stern. The Austrian Patent Office awarded it to him for the constructions of 5 patents in the last 5 years. The espresso machines STELLA were sent by the Economic Promotion Institute of the Federal Chamber of Commerce to fairs in Paris, Casablanca, Utrecht, Brussels, Stockholm, Frankfurt among others with a lot of success. The inquiries and orders coming in day after day from different countries of the world shows that, through the espresso machines Stella, the Austrian export has been enriched of an interesting item. Worth to be highlighted as particularly meritorious is that these machines are made nearly in there whole from domestic materials."

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