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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

General question to the visitors of my Blog - Part 1

Any decent reason that would explain the amount of work on the "teeth" of this Brevetti Robbiati portafilter?


Lucio Del Piccolo said...

Dear Mik, mine is a technical and storical opinion: this machine could really be one of the first ever produced. Maybe the first.
The modify is to reduce the gap due to the experiment with different gaskets.
That insert made of brass needs at least a couple of hour of work.
As we can see the dimension reached is almost the same as the other one. This normally happens when you are starting with a new mechanical project.

Mik said...

Lucio, your comment just confirmed my fears... It might makes sense mechanically of course so the portafilter sits tight in the head... but commercially, it is causing too many working hours. This machine is something very special... and i think - albeit not seeing myself as an expert - there are a few hints that would lead to the fact that the machine is of a very early development stage. What a treat!