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Monday, 16 July 2012

Fast Forward Ltd.(F. FWD.) - 14a Newburgh St. - London

Another mystery solved as i write...

Attribute coffee machines to the father - Giordano - or to the son - Alfredo - is sometimes quite difficult.

Until now, i only managed to do it with the "La Sorrentina" coffee machines sold in New York in the Hammacher Schlemmer store and made by Alfredo Robbiati in 1984.

Well, i am ever so proud to announce that the F. FWD. (LONDON) company registered its trademark in 1988 and thus, the machines sold under this trademark were impossibly made by Giordano who retired from its Brevetti Robbiati business in 1983.

That means... the "Atomic F. FWD.  14a Newburgh St London made in Italy" badged coffee machines are, as far as i can say... some of the last machines manufactured by the Robbiati family... EVER!!!

I guess anyone visiting regularly my Blog should know by now that S.T.E.M.A.C (Alfredo's company) closed its doors in 1989.

PS: For the little story...  there is no Saint London!!!
I think Alfredo made a mistake printing the badge... the St. (Street) ending up on the wrong line!!!

In a 1988 british magazine, you will find this sentence about F. FWD. :
"It sells bits and pieces that you might expect to find if you'd asked James Dean to empty his pockets."

In a 1987 italian magazine:
"F. FWD. vende telefoni rétro di bachelite, gioielli e gadgets."

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