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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Desider Stern - From Sept. '38 until March. '39 - Part 1

I already posted about Mr. Stern's first business - 2 retail companies in the 2 Tschechoslovakian towns: Děčín & Litoměřice. (see here)

Both towns became occupied by Nazi Germany, Děčín on Sept. 30 1938,  Litoměřice in Oct. 10 1938.

Mr. Stern flew to Prag, the capital, leaving his comfortable life behind him.

During his 6 years of business in these 2 towns, he built a strong friendship with a supplier:
Vilém Grab, who manufactured small leather goods.

Mr. Stern who diplomed as electrician in Prag Feb. 27 1938, had a plan.

His plan was to let manufacture a electric cooking appliance and export it.

Since Mr. Stern had lost a big part of his financial resources, he asked his friend to join his project.

Vilèm Grab brought another partner in this business, his friend Richard Román who was active in the coal industry until then.

And so Mr. Stern with 50%, Vilèm Grab and Richard Román with each 25% capital investment, established the company Grillux.

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