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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Desider Stern - From April. '39 until Sept. '39 - Part 1

After his arrival in Paris, Desider Stern took french courses at the "Alliance Francaise", a non-profit organization that promotes french culture (though language courses for example) in France and abroad.

He will also take private hours.

After 3 months in France, his french was good enough for him to apply for french permanent residence at the Home office department. After a 30 minutes interview, he succeeded to achieve just that.

Immediately, Mr. Stern established a business... for which he had to enroll a french manager.
Also, an office was rent in an office block.

With a french residence permit, a french manager and an office, all was set to start his business "Grillux" on the 1st of September.

On the very same day, Nazi Germany & Slovakia invade Poland without any declaration of war which marks the beginning of WW2.

The french manager was called in duty.


After leaving everything behind him in October 1938 in Děčín & Litoměřice (invasion of Sudetenland by Nazi Germany), and in March 1939 (invasion of Bohemia & Moravia by Nazi Germany)... with an already unfold persecution of persons of Jewish belief - burning of Synagogues, Concentration camps, expropriation...

After managing to leave Hungary, and doing the necessary procedures to open a business in Paris...

Mr. Stern seeing his efforts annihilated, decides to move forward...

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