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Monday, 11 June 2012

Desider Stern - From '40 until 25th Apr. '43 - Part 3

A supplier of the Business "Román" ( i still haven't found out what is the real name) was a jewish entrepreneur who was helped by his wife.
It was agreed that Mr. Stern would get to the bank after the delivery of the goods to get his commission.
But the wife already took the money and told Mr. Stern to be patient...

... Mr. Stern recounted the event to Mr. Elbl.

The next time, Mr. Elbl transferred the commission directly to Mr. Stern's account.

That wasn't to the woman's taste: she was infuriated and said: "You'll pay for this!!!"


In October 1942, (Remember D. Stern succeeded to report his call-up until '42), they were posters in town requesting every "Jew" between 16 and 60 to register themselves on the 25th of October, between 8 and 12, to the district office with a photo.

Mr. Stern thought over it until quarter to twelve to go there.

He finally decided to go, his data was recorded and his photo stamped.


In the meantime, the woman filed an anonymous denouncement in which it said Alexander Elbl, Desider Stern and Richard Román are German spies, and that Mr. Stern was not in labor camp.

Mr. Román and he received an invitation from the police.
D. Stern who couldn't speak Magyar was accompanied by his mother.

The civil servant asked him why wasn't he yet in the labor camp.
Mr. Stern answered that he registered himself and that he hadn't been convoked yet, showing him the photo.
That was the end of this incident.

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