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Monday, 11 June 2012

Desider Stern - From '40 until 25th Apr. '43 - Part 2

Richard Román opened a representative firm under the name of his german "arian" wife, which was run by Mr. Román & Mr. Stern.

A friend of Mr. Stern's father leased a shoe factory but no leather was available for civilian purposes.
This friend shared his idea to manufacture wooden sandals, these could be exported to Turkey and asked if Desider Stern could obtain export orders for him.

Desider Stern heard of his project and invested all his money: 60 Pengö (around 12USD) in a insert in a german speaking newspaper.

The manager of an Austrian import-export business, Mr. Alexander Elbl, answered to the ad.
He insisted to visit the factory.

The factory's workers (incl.  D. Stern's father) were nearly all "jew".

The secretary asked D. Stern: " Are you actually "arian"?"
"Actually not", he answered.

Orders came in... and the business started to prosper.

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