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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Desider Stern - Dec. '39 / Jan. '40

Desider Stern goes to Madrid to the Hungarian embassy and speaks there french. (Mr. Stern can't speak magyar nor spanish).

He wanted to go back to Hungary  to get as many of his siblings and family out of the country.

On the way, he planned to travel to Italy, where he had some business to make in Milan.
He took the boat in Barcelona to Genua.... Officially, nobody was allowed to get out of the boat, but the captain lets him out as he arrived at 3am after a terrible Mediterranean crossing due to bad weather.

Waking up at the hotel in the morning, Mr. Stern ordered 2 breakfast... He didn't eat for 3 days and spent his time on the boat seasick.

Afterwards he traveled to Milan for some business meetings.
There he was convoked by the police: he can't stay in Italy because he is "Jew"...
... Mr. Stern didn't want to stay anyway, he just spent 8-10 days in Milan.

In contact with a few businesses and his patent attorney... he was asked by a big espresso coffee machine company if he could find an agent for Hungary.

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