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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Desider Stern - 9th January '45

The evacuation of the "Jews" started in the city part of Pest.

To each protective houses, officers came to tell them everyone should go to the ghetto.

In the "Spanish house" Desider Stern was, someone of trust told him that he should go to the Spanish embassy to inform them.
It was 7am.
No civilian was allowed in the street before 9am... needless to say if on top of it, he was jewish.

D. Stern limped on the street... arrived at the level of a train station, there was a tall barricade.
Nobody was there, so he went through.
Passing the second train station, same thing again... no movement, no noise = no guards... so he passed.

On the places, hundred of dead. When someone died, they were putting them on the grass.
Nobody could burry them: nobody was allowed to get out... most of them were in bunkers.

Mr. Stern arrived at the Spanish embassy. Big surprise there. He gets to talk to the attaché, and explains that everyone is obliged to go to the ghetto. The attaché went straight away to the police, he had a consent that his "protective house" wouldn't get evacuated. 30mins later, relief: everybody stays in the house. So Mr. Stern went back to his retreat in Pest.

As he came, he saw "jews" from the swedish houses walk on the street with bags on their back walking toward to the ghetto. Nobody could prevent this happening. Nobody warned the embassy.

All the "jews", including Mr. Stern's younger brother, were moved to the Ghetto...

.... Until the liberation of Budapest by the Soviet troops the 16th of January 1945.

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